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Welcome to the Association of International Agricultural Research Centers Home Page. This service is designed for our members to help access information and forms for active and former employees of our member centers.  Please refer to the privacy page to answer questions about usage and privacy issues.


To access this home page, please enter the User ID and Password.  If you do not have this information, please contact your Center's human resources officer.

If you want to access AIARC Member Web Portal account for your benefit information, please log in at

 Helpful Links: 

         Medical Insurance Administrator - Vanbreda International

Website -

E-mail -

If you are looking for a in-network providers outside of US,  visit to access the providers list by logging in with the Vanbreda ID number (Remember to be able to log-in you must have a password).

US OAP Network Provider - CIGNA Open Access Plus (Effective Jan 1, 2014)

If you are looking for a CIGNA OAP network providers in the US for hospitals, dentists or pharmacies, call the CIGNA representative at 1-866-253-3003 or follow the steps for the CIGNA website.

  1. Click on the CIGNA website

  2. Select the appropriate directory and click "continue search".

  3. In the Provider Directory enter a US zip code or an address to find the nearest provider.

  4. Select Distance in miles to that you are willing to travel.

  5. Click "Continue Search".

  6. Click on the Search button.

  7. A list of providers will appear for selection based on the provided information.